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CIA Director Leon Panetta’s remarks on former Vice President Dick Cheney made in a nearly 7,600-word interview with The New Yorker generated some media attention last night and this morning. Calling them “tough words,” ABC World News reported briefly that Panetta said of Cheney, who “has repeatedly, of course, criticized the Obama Administration’s approach to terrorism,” that “it’s almost as if he is wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point.’” Panetta, the New Yorker (6/22, Mayer) reports, was responding to a speech the former vice president made at the American Enterprise Institute, where he accused the Administration of making “the American people less safe” by banning brutal CIA interrogations of terrorism suspects that had been sanctioned by the Bush Administration.

Panetta Wonders If Cheney Wants Al Qaeda To Attack US To Prove Point

There are a few problems with this.

#1. Cheney thinks we need to torture people to get anything done.
This is erroneous, mainly because torturing others only incites them to more violence. Also, if we are going to be the “policeman of the world,” then we have to operate at a higher standard than everyone else in the world—especially primitive third world countries, it should be obvious we should not stoop to their level. It is a good thing that we no longer torture our political prisoners.

#2. Sen McCain wants CIA Director Leon Panetta to retract his remarks
Why would this ever be the case? Does Panetta not have freedom of speech just because he disagrees with what Neo-con Cheney has to say? If nothing else, McCain should retract his statement that he wants Panetta to retract his! Ridiculous. This is what got me in an uproar about this whole thing to begin with.

I think it is very strange (…and kind of sad…) that I actually agree with Joe Biden on this subject:

The current vice president, however, said “he wouldn’t question the motive behind Cheney’s criticism.” Said Biden, “I think Dick Cheney’s judgment about how to secure America is faulty. I think our judgment is correct.”
Well, maybe not about the Obama administration’s judgement being correct…they have no been correct about much too far. Anyway, I think Cheney is (and always has been) wrong.

There’s more…

MCCAIN: I think that the vice president is deeply concerned about his reputation and place in history. He thinks that it’s being is characterized, and he believes that he was right in the position that he took. I respectfully disagreed over interrogation techniques. But that in no way should bring us into question his integrity, his love of this country and his commitment to its security. And that’s what Leon Panetta has done now, and it’s totally uncalled for.

That is not what Panetta has done….

McCain is not a bad guy, but I really disagree with a lot he says (or implies) in the interview. For instance, he says we should support the Iranian people’s rights and such. We do NOT need to start another war! We should support the rights of the AMERICAN people, first and foremost! Our liberties are being whittled away, and hardly anyone bats an eye…

I guess I better stop talking badly about McCain before I offend someone. ha!

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