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I wrote a little something about browsers not too long ago, but this is in quite a bit more details and compares several different browsers:

Review: Linux browsers, Part 1 – Arora, Chromium, Dillo, Epiphany, Firefox and Galeon. In part 2, we’ll look at HV3, Kazehakaze, Midori, and Opera

Review: Linux browsers, Part 2 – HV3, Kazehakaze, Midori, Opera and compare test results.

I think he has inspired me to try out some of these other browsers(on my laptop, Firefox actually runs fine on my desktop, and I do prefer it…for now)—I am especially interested in Epiphany, Midori and Opera. Firefox just seems like it is running slower and slower, and Chromium (although awesome) just really doesn’t get the whole privacy thing.

Another browser project that is interesting is Iron —it is essentially Google Chromium with all of the privacy tracking features stripped away.

And in ‘other news’, the US government reneges on ‘leave Internet alone’ policy.

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