In the past it was a prophecy, but in the future the past has ocurred!


As I was sitting here at home listening to the Linux adventure show podcast, I was just thinking about how mobilized everything is becoming. The iPad is ridiculously popular, as are the android tablets and ipad clones. Not to even mention the smartphone markets— I’m even writing this post on my iPhone!

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Editing with the continuation, which is going to be different since this is several hours later, and I am outside enjoying some vino and a habana.

There was a quote I saw on identi.ca the other day, something like: “the year of the Linux desktop will be the year after the desktop dies”

And you know, I think there is a lot of truth in this. Not that i dont think linux can or will make it on the desktop in a more popular fashion. Moreso that I think the desktop is dying out. Now, I realize that we deinitely will always need servers and things of that sort, but the real future for the general pulic is really going to be more mobilized especially as netbooks and tablets pick up steam and phones get smarter and smarter. Also wifi is plenty widespread, but also mobile networks are getting continually faster, just look at how LTE and WiMAX are picking up.

Desktop PCs are really just too loud and hot these days. As time goes on, it is more and more rare for me to even get on the computer except to load pictures or something of that sort. That is also excluding work, I am a progrmmer so I need a computer there, I am speaking specifically about at home, or since I am saying mobile maybe recreational computer use would be more appropros.

I have a small nettop aspire revo, which is great for a desktop. If I use a computer, this is usually what I’m on. Or a laptop. Most of the time, I am using my phone.

So on that note, I think it is much more likely that the year of Linux on the mobile device is upon us… But hopefully it will be more of an era rather than a year.

Software and hardware-wise, we need to be looking more forward to the mobile arena, since that is where we will all wind up very soon.

That’s my prediction, anyway!

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