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Sometime back I made a post about how I backup my data. A recent thread on the crunchbang forums brought this back to mind, so I figured I should probably document my update here as well.

Nn my desktop I have 2 HDDs that are in a softRAID array (only /home is on the array). and then I have a daiyly cron script which does an rsync to backup my /home to an external eSATA HDD.

This is very simple script and just mirrors a directory (or specific directorys) in a specified location. Use at your own risk!

I mirror some directories from my /home onto an external eSATA drive.

here it is:



 DESTDIR=/media/backup/home #this is the path to the drive to backup TO

 #simple, but works:

 rsync -avzutmo --delete ~/Docs ~/Photos ~/vbox ~/wallpaper $DESTDIR

and my crontab entry:

#run incremental backup daily

 0 1 * * * /home/me/scripts/simple_home_backup_script.sh

I could actually make the backup run more often, since it is pretty fast, but it’s not that important. the RAID should catch most of everything, the rsync is just a backup for the backup :–)

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