In the past it was a prophecy, but in the future the past has ocurred!


A while back, I had made my own webserver. Recently as there had been a LOT of downtime with my (free) host…again…I decided I was just going to leave them and delete my account. Didn’t I set up Apache at home? So I figured I would give it a go. I set up the site, forwarded my ports, and had everything working. Then, I started reading about how this can be dangerous, DOS/DDOS attacks and other things of the like. I didn’t really like that at all, so I started looking around for hosts. My site is really simple with very little traffic, so if I’m paying for a host I don’t want to be paying out the wazoo here.

Then I came across nearlyFreeSpeech.net … the home of “only pay for what you use” hosting. So far, so good. I haven’t had very much experience with them, but it looks like it is a small outfit focusing on quality rather than …whatever x10 focused on. If it works out, I may end up moving this site over there as well.

Posted by: jamba

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Published Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 11:42:37 +0000

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