In the past it was a prophecy, but in the future the past has ocurred!


much more so than this wordpress stuff….

haha! So, I guess I consider this blog (factorq.net) my “personal blog” of any variety of opinionation and open source and other ramblings. My other website, jrob.co.cc (now jrobb.org), I suppose is my site dedicated to projects I work on and develop.

At work, I have several programs that I have developed, mostly all under the umbrella of one large program—all written in VB6, unfortunately. Anyway, I’m converting all that, and splitting up the one large application into several more focused programs. I was planning to make some sort of blog type thing so that I could easily keep track of my progress and what I do on the day-to-day, since my memory is crap and I get side-tracked a lot with several other projects and things (non-software…well, and some other non-primary software projects).

And, well, where I work we use MS Sharepoint. There is a blog function in there with the “mysite” thing, which would be convenient to use, however…I just couldn’t do it, it didn’t feel right at all.

So, I was going to setup wordpress on the jrob site, but then my webhost charges a little more for MySQL (and I’m very cheap) so I wanted to find some kind of static page aggregator, or write one myself. My main requirements were that it had to be lightweight, free (as in freedom), and preferably written in PHP. I came across a few, but mostly it came down to hlscript and hl— (a fork of hlscript). I think I have settled on using hl—, but I am still testing both for the time being.

I’ve set up this blog, and I plug the RSS feed into my sharepoint site at work so that I can send the internal link to people, and they can see the stuff I am writing about development progress, etc. I have escaped the evil of microsoft….for now. :–)

hl— (and hlscript as well) is very hackable, I have already slightly modified it. I imagine I will be going in there and updating it more to suit my needs, while still leaving it as simple as possible.

For anyone who wants to see it, that development blog can be reached here: http://jrob.co.cc/blog/ (jrobb.org/blog)

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