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My wife was very concerned about the viability of our photos and things in the event of a house fire, or theft, or some other horrible event. I have an existing backup solution in-home, which would suffice for a drive failure or anything like that. What we have been lacking is an off-site backup, and after looking around at several options, I settled on JungleDisk. This service offers automated backups, directory syncing, and the ability to encrypt the disk and files. AND it works with Linux!

My in-house backup basically consists of using rsync to mirror directories across 3 drives. pretty simple stuff.

This online service starts at $3 per month, and then after the first 5GB,it is $0.15 per GB. Not very bad, however we have TONS of data to back up—probably 50GB, pictures that date back to 2006 and earlier. Because of this, I think what I will do is burn all of the older data to DVD (or possibly blu ray), and store these discs off-site, and then use JungleDisk to only backup the current year. Once the year is completed, I will burn it to disc, and then start online backup on the following year. So we will see how this works out, I guess!

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Published Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2010 12:28:57 +0000

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