In the past it was a prophecy, but in the future the past has ocurred!


2010 has really flown by for me and our family. As always, the year has been packed full of events—way too many to document fully, but I can sure try to sum upthe highlights here.

Major events of 2010 that I can think of at the moment:

  • We had another baby girl in October of this year–she will be our last, and makes for 2 girls and one boy.
  • 2 major jeep breakages, Oil Pan, and ball joint hub breakage. this prompted an oil pan skid plate, and a complete suspension overhaul to 1-ton axles! …in progress…probably through next summer.
  • My wife started a business on Etsy.com selling custom made hairbows and things like that for girls.
  • Our van died in May, and we bought a 2006 Jeep Commander to fit all these kids in.
  • My brother and his wife had their first kid, baby Jacob
  • My desktop computer motherboard blew up, and as a result I now primarily use Fedora
  • I started jrobb.org as a hub for things I do/am involved in (and may merge this site into that one sometime in the future). I need to go in and clean up the site a bit, I think.
  • I signed up for Netflix again after being away for a couple of years – This service is awesome, I really love the streaming. Mostly I use the Wii, since it won’t work on my Linux computers. I have been watching a lot of Doctor Who.
  • I sold my .38 special and bought a Makarov (PM, Bulgarian) and a 1911.
  • Tomorrow is my son’s birthday, he will be turning 2 years old! They really do grow up too fast :-(

That’s about it. I’m sure there was much more, but I’m not really sure. Well there is one thing that happened that is VERY major not in that list just occurred today….

I got a vasectomy. Yes, I got “fixed.” We now have 3 kids, which is plenty for us, we feel that we have a complete family. My wife would like to adopt a baby sometime later down the road, but for now we are done. I’m not in too much pain or anything, although earlier today there was an expected amount of discomfort. Now I’m just a bit sore and making good use of an ice pack and some vicodin. Tomorrow some Southern Comfort may join the mix ;–)

Oh right….On to other things that are less gross and personal.

I haven’t been able to look at any Vala so far over the break, but I have been doing some coding in PureBasic to improve that GUI on my database program. It’s not ideal, but I have made lots of improvements—I like it a lot better. I changed it from a dropdown editable combobox with autocomplete that would add one parameter at a time to a filter list, to a listview control with multiple select. Next I plan to add some more filtering features, such as auto-filling the filter box with the minimum and maximum data values so that they will be known. Maybe I’ll add a form for GUI filtering or something, but I can worry about that later on (currently the filtering is done by entering values into a structured grid).

On the music front, my Slacker subscription which I’ve had for 2 years has run out again. Currently as I am not locked into a committment I am looking around at a few other options: last.fm and pandora one. Currently I am leaning more towards last.fm, I’m really fascinated with it. Pandora and Last.fm both cost the same on a yearly basis—$36—but last allows paying monthly which always comes in handy. Other than that, they pretty much do exactly the same thing in very slightly different ways. Slacker, while I feel that it is a good service, is $47.88 for a 1 year subscription. That is not a lot of money over the competition, however the competition IS cheaper (almost $12) and provides the same service, so it is my duty as a consumer to make my vote in the marketplace by going with the best service with the lowest price! So yeah, I’m leaning towards last.fm, but Pandora is still in the mix.

That’s all I’ve got for now. It is the end of 2010, and we are heading into a new decade (well technically the second year in the new decade). Everything is going very well with my life, and I really cannot express how thankful I am for everyone in my family and all of my friends.

I hope we all have a great ending for 2010, and an even better beginning for 2011!

Until next time

Happy New Year!


I made a related-ish type post on my other blog on 12.31, that post is here: jrobb blog

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