In the past it was a prophecy, but in the future the past has ocurred!


So, I wrote a quick script to parse through the Wordpress XML dump file and extract all of the posts into an hlscript/hl— HTML type format. This turned out to be VERY easy, and pretty quick to do. I’ve now already imported all of these posts into this blog, and now I will move the factorq.net domain over here whenever I have time. My goal is to have jrobb.org and factorq.net to be synonomous and point to the same content.

I’ve also now implemented a tag type system so that the search can be more accurate if used. Tags have a hash “#”, and categories are preceded with a double-hash “##”. It’s not very pretty, but it works. The categories aren’t even really needed, and the tags should suffice, but the categories are left over from the wordpress importation. I may choose to just use the tags in the future, it looks pretty dumb with both down there.

I added a truncating type feature (“…more” link) like wordpress uses, very easy to code up. I put that into the rss feed as well.

I also intend to further improve the blog by making its theme match the main site. As I have the time, anyway.

This is the first post of the new year! And unfortunately, I’m supposed to go back to work today (but I’m delaying it out until tomorrow because of some stuff that needs to be done).

So tomorrow I go back to work and the vacation is really over :–/

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