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So after doing a little work, I got the code tags to work in this blog software. Changes and etc can be found on the site: jbs.jrobb.org. Now I can post the bulk of the captcha code that I mentioned in my last post. For the full thing, just download the “jbs” software and check it out.

Terrible name, by the way: “jbs”—if anyone can think of something better, please let me know!

Captcha stuff

This is PHP, but could probably be used with whatever you want to convert it to: [code] function createCaptcha() { // creates captcha problem and stores along with answer in SESSION vars //Thanks to @jezra for this: http://www.jezra.net/blog/creating_a_CAPTCHA

$ip_address = VISITORS_IP; //get the visitors IP address $appended_ip = $ip_address + date(“zB”); //append the numeric day of the year + Swatch Internet time to the ip_address $salt = “go away spammers”; //add some salt to the appended_ip $salted_string = $appended_ip+$salt; $md5_string = md5($salted_string) ; //get the md5sum of the salted string $first_int = getFirstInt($md5_string); //get the first and last integer of the md5_string $last_int = getLastInt($md5_string); //if the first int is greater than the last if($first_int>$last_int) { //this is a subtraction problem $problem = $first_int . “ minus ” . $last_int; $answer = $first_int-$last_int; }else{ //this is an addition problem $problem = $first_int . “ plus ” . $last_int; $answer = $first_int+$last_int; }

//set answer with session var $SESSION[‘canswer’.$problem] = $answer;
SESSION[‘cproblem’] = $problem; //set the problem, so can retrieve the answer later return $problem; } [/code]

Looks like this doesn’t show up in the rss feed at all…I’ll have to fix that in v0.2.1! (edit: fixed now!)

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