In the past it was a prophecy, but in the future the past has ocurred!


I had found out about Jekyll a year or two ago, but for some reason I had never implemented it. I think I had originally asked @bkuhn about his website, and he pointed me towards Jekyll.

So now, I’ve actually gotten started using it, and I love it.
It’s not perfect, but pretty close. No database, just simple static html. The downsides being that there is no commenting system, and I will have to implement some kind of tag cloud. Neither of these are hard to do, the comments I can just use any public service (such as identi.ca), and there are several plugins for tags. Oh, and I’ll have to see about rss, too, but I imagine that’s not a big deal either.

I can run ‘jekyll —server’ on my computer at home, and run a test to see how everything is generated. Then it’s just a simple rsync to bring my webserver up to date. Very cool.

I do still need to write a script to go and convert all of the older blog posts, and I will do that when I have some free time.

That’s about it for now.