In the past it was a prophecy, but in the future the past has ocurred!

Cash for Laptops.com Is a Ripoff

I had a couple of laptops laying around that I was not really using— Most of my computing these days is on my phone, tablet, or desktop. The one is an older model Toshiba Satellite A205, and the other was an Acer AspireOne netbook (in really good shape).
So I went over to cashforlaptops.com (not linked on purpose), and got a quote of $262 for the both of them. Which is a pretty high estimate, but most reviews that I’ve read say they come back with a lower value after evaluation.

They send me the empty boxes with foam (which took about 2 weeks to arrive), and I mailed off my items.
Before I sent them, I installed ubuntu and encrypted the drive to wipe anything that I had on there off, verified that everything was working. Then packed them up. Another 1.5-2 weeks later, I get a call from some odd number, when I answer it’s just some automated girl’s voice asking about a survey— “do you love us? press 1” etc. It was just a couple of questions, never saying what the survey was for. This happened 2 or 3 times over a couple of days. I realized it was them and sent them an email (replied to the one that they had sent me saying my products had been looked over). I got another call and the guy said the Acer was scratched up etc etc, and offered $53. Now, Amazon has a trade-in program which offered $50 so this was ok, though if I sold it myself on ebay I was confident of around $80. Also, I meant to haggle with the guy but a lot was going on at the time, working, etc so I just said “that’s fine” and he went to the next one.

Same deal with the Toshiba: scratches (this one actually did have some scratching), loose power connector, etc. Not sure how much of that is true, but then he said there was no power to the screen and it would not power on, and that they would give me $5. Whoa, wait a minute. So I told him that it was working fine when I put it in the heavily padded box, and to send it back so I could figure out what they had broken. He kind of sounded irritated and then said he could “assure me” it was nothing they had done, and they would re-evaluate. A few days later I get another call-back and he repeated the same condition with it still not working, and he bumped the money to $10. ooh. I bitched him out for a while saying it was working fine, and no way I was taking less than $60 for this laptop otherwise he could just ship it back. He got off the phone pretty quickly, and then I received my laptop in the mail ~2 weeks later.

Aaand, I just now plugged it up and booted it—the first time I tried it the screen actually didn’t turn on. I turned it off and back on, and it booted normally.

So, my take on this is that cashforlaptops.com (or their other sites) are a bunch of incompetant liars running a profitable bait-and-switch. They will offer a high “quote” and then offer a very low amount for consumers’ products.

In sumary: I will never use this service again, and I advise you not too either—unless you plan on haggling pretty hard to get a decent/fair amount of money. Definitely you can make more money selling things yourself on ebay (and it might be faster, also).