In the past it was a prophecy, but in the future the past has ocurred!

Minecrafting Ordeals


Another ogre—it busted all up in my house and blasted all of my things. As a little backstory, this is probably the 6th or 7th time that this has happened on this server in the last 2 weeks. The Ogre is part of the Mo’ Creatures mod, which is otherwise pretty awesome. I am not a big fan of the ogres.

Oh, it isn’t that they are very tough to kill or that some of them shoot fire or anything like that.
Simply, for some reason they will spawn nearby my house, smash the walls, and destroy everything that I have accumulated in my chests.

This particular time wouldn’t have been so bad to start with, except that I was also being persued by an ultra rare werewolf and a rare spider.
(this means they have powers/magic and usually drop extra things).

So once the ogre busted down my walls, these two guys poured in and killed me with extreme predjudice. Over, and over, and over as I kept respawning. All while the ogre smashed my things in the chests…

Still, that also was not too terrible, except that I had just been on a killing spree at night— got like 5 ogres and 3 werewolfs (golden swords kill them in like 3 hits), and i had a ton of iron and things from my mine in those chests.

Also, not terrible I can deal with that….but then after I’d patched up my rubble hut with some dirt and sand I was just waiting for dawn to come (because my bed was also destroyed), and I was hanging out in the dirt walls.

Then out of nowhere some OTHER ultrarare werewolf who was throwing those exploding fireballs started shooting my mud hut.
Did I mention that I was behind a wall (of dirt)?

He was blasting through pretty quick so i ran up a ladder to my second level, but he kept blasting.
The wood and bamboo of my upper levels caught fire, and I only had a couple of sandstone blocks in my inventory which I used to block myself in as well as I could, but that didn’t work because i only had 8 blocks and the house was burning around me.

All the while he continued hurling those balls…from DOWNSTAIRS where he couldn’t even see me (still).

At this point, while the house was just burning down around me and all that was going on…I just rage quit. The first time this has ever happened with minecraft.

The ogre-ing was not happening again today.

…I will rebuild. With some other material that does not attract Ogres.