In the past it was a prophecy, but in the future the past has ocurred!

Busy Day With the Family

Today was a very busy day with the family: first thing this morning we left around 8:30am and went to a small zoo where we rode through on a horse drawn wagon. When riding through the driver would stop frequently so everyone could get to feed the animals and things.

After that, we had lunch and then decided to visit a transportation museum that we had passed on the way there.
The museum was really cool—it was a major train yard from the 20s or 30s up through the 60s or so when it was phased out after diesels replaced steam engines.
The place was huge and took a long time to go through, there were a lot of things to see, and even several engines and cars that we got to go in.

We also got to go on a short train ride across the property, as well as go for a ride on the turntable (“Best turntable ride in the county” the guy said! haha)
I like trains a lot, especialy steam engines, so it was neat to see the history of the place.
They had some plane engines and some replicas too, of the Wright brothers’ plane for example.
Several more larger things were in another (also huge) section that was under construction.

The car building was great too— it went from wagons up through the 80s or so which was also cool. I think I just like all kinds of engines and stuff like that.

We headed home and got back around 6pm. Nice and slightly sunburned—and all of the kids slept just about all the way back. They’re still exhausted, actually. I’m sure they’ll sleep all through the night (and I will too).
I must say, though, they were really good about all the walking around— we did a lot of walking, and that’s not usually a lot of fun with small kids.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.