In the past it was a prophecy, but in the future the past has ocurred!

RasPi Pump: The End

So I’d written before and even did an HPR episode with @nybill about the Raspberry Pi that I was using as a pump.io server. It was running well, aside from being a little bit slow—and I did have a few reservations about memory consumption, which I had planned to “fix” by splitting the database serving portion of it over to a beaglebone black.

Around the time I was planning to do this, however, I started having some network problems at home and now most of my ports are blocked so the pi could no longer work as a social media server. I’m still having these problems, and haven’t worked out a way around it yet, so I decided to go ahead and shut it down.

Since then, I’ve used my backup account, and then most recently migrated back into using my server that runs on my VPS. That’s about where I am now, and aside from life getting busy and not being on the computer much lately, that’s pretty much the extent of what’s going on.