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Mongodb Problem With X86

Very recently Dr. Sekula had posted on pumpio that his mongodb pumpio backend needed to be upgraded because of a crash. Turns out, once db size becomes large enough, the x86 mongodb doesn’t support it and will just crash — and apparently this was a design choice.

Maybe a day or two after this happened to him, my own pump (which runs on my vps) crashed and could not recover. My vps was running Debian 7 x86.

I made some backups and figured I’d just rebuild it with a 64-bit version. The images that my host (ChicagoVPS) has for x64 debian 7 are badly mangled and is riddled with dependency problems. While I could’ve installed Debian 6 x64 and then upgraded, I didn’t really feel like it.

I should mention that by this point I had rebuilt the server probably 5 times trying to fix the dep problems.

I looked through the other build options: many CentOS which is ok, couple of gentoos, the debians, fedora, and then some ubuntus. I decided to go with Ubuntu x64, and the newest version available was 12.10.

After getting it all set up, I went to restore my backups. Which is when I discovered that I had backed-up the wrong directory, and my backup only consisted of a bunch of symlinks and no real data. bummer.

Luckily, I had an encrypted file with my pumpio passphrase in it, and I also had a mongodb backup from a couple of days prior. These two things are the secret sauce to make the pump work without just rebooting the whole thing with a new domain and such.

I removed apache, which is weird and tries to bind to all of my IPs (I have two), and I installed nginx instead. Got mongodb running, and then installed my ssl cert stuff. Then got the pump up and going after git fetching the latest.

All went well.

Then later that night I realized that 12.10 was pretty old, and after looking it up I saw that support runs out in 2-3 weeks. d’oh!

The next day I ran the ubuntu upgrade cli tool and everything upgraded without a hitch, nothing was broken. It’s been up and running ever since.

Oh, and I’ve corrected my backup script so I’m not just grabbing a bunch of symlinks now. :–)

I’m super tired, so I’m going to head off to bed before I doze off. It’s Friday!


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